American Ginseng and Panax Ginseng Difference

2017-1-17 17:06:40

The Difference between American Ginseng and Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is called "The King Herb", and it may help us to reinforce our vital energy, nourish our spleen and lung. According to different growth circumstances and processing methods, ginseng can be divided into wild ginseng, wood-grown ginseng, red ginseng and sun-dried ginseng.

American ginseng is also called "Yang Ginseng" at the same time in China, it is a type traditional Chinese medicine that may boost Qi and nourish Yin. In China, American ginseng used as medicine and cultivated for almost 200 years. Recent years, in other places in China, American ginseng is being planted very quickly.

 Panax ginseng, is cultivated in the domestic gardens. Its main branch is like spindle, and average height is 3-15cm separately, it looks light grey-yellow color at the surface, and there are many wrinkles on it. Having Chinese panax ginseng for a long time may help human keep-healthy, anti-fatigue and nourish the body fluid.

Cold and Heat:
American ginseng is in the cold attribute while panax ginseng is in the heat attribute. American ginseng has the benefits of nourishing Yin, promoting fluid processing and keeping calm. At the same time, having American ginseng may enhance sleep quality.

 Panax ginseng is always be used in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine), for human being, it has magical effects on reinforcing Qi, enhance intelligence, calming the nerves. It really an effect medicine for the elder and patients in Qi deficiency.

To trace something to its source, the main difference is because their characters and ingredients. American ginseng is a little bit sweet while the panax ginseng is bitter. American ginseng is in the cold attribute and panax ginseng is heat. Of course, both the 2 kinds of ginseng have the same effect of promote Qi and produce saliva, but the panax ginseng may strengthening Yang and off the chill while American ginseng help to strength Yin.

 With respect to promote Qi, Panax Ginseng is better than American ginseng, and with respect to clear heat, American ginseng is better than panax ginseng. When you feel weak and be afraid of coldness, you need to have some panax ginseng. And relatively, when you always feel hot , you need to have some American ginseng tea to keep calm.
In spring and summer seasons, it's better for people to have some panax ginseng to keep warm, and in autumn and winter seasons, it's better to have some American ginseng to keep calm.

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