How to eat red ginseng?

2017-3-28 11:14:31

Red ginseng ginseng (cultivated products called "garden ginseng") by steaming processing.
  China has a long history of eating ginseng, its magical effect is also respected times, according to historical records: ginseng on the human body has "make up the five internal organs, security spirit, soul, only frightened, eyesight happy puzzle" effect. It is very particular about the consumption method:
There are many kinds of red ginseng eat, red ginseng can be directly on the mouth chewing to eat, you can also tea, porridge, etc.

        Chewing to eat: the whole red with a knife cut into small pieces, and then eat two or three, eat time must not be devoured, the mouth is a good chew, mouth with saliva the best. Chewing method on the illness after the physically weak, easy to fatigue people Laishui, have some help. Chewing taste may not be good.

  Tea: the same is the red ginseng cut into small pieces, and then wanted to tea, like boiling water, and then drink as tea on the line.

    Porridge: the red ginseng and rice, glutinous rice together on the pot, boiled porridge, and eat together, can play the effect of nourishing the body.

  Steamed to eat: want steamed bread, the red on the pot in the steam for half an hour or so, and then directly eat, you can.

  Stewed to eat: stewed with red ginseng, just like spices, and pork, chicken and duck can be stewed together, not only cover the smell, but also full of red ginseng nutrients boiled out, eat Can be healthy and healthy.
    Red ginseng can also be ground into powder: the red ginseng grinding powder, add water every day to eat, but not more than 2 grams.

    Red wine in addition to the above several kinds of eating, you can also drink wine.

  Tips: red ginseng tonic should not be too much.