Honeysuckle effect

2017-3-30 10:36:38

The medicinal value of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle can also be called a herb, from ancient times have been detoxification medicine. Because honeysuckle contains chlorogenic acid and luteolin glycosides, it will inhibit the coccidia virus, so as to achieve heat, detoxification effect.

Honeysuckle can also enhance immunity, liver protection, anti-inflammatory, etc., but also for the elderly and children with anti-infective effect, so the use of medicine is still relatively wide.

Honeysuckle has another effect is to have weight loss function.

Honeysuckle soaked in water to drink the role

Honeysuckle is the most extensive food is soaked to drink, honeysuckle and hot water mixed bubble, will distribute its unique aroma, there will be Gan cold feeling. So soak to drink will get rid of the inflammation caused by lit, but also fresh mouth to eliminate the smell.

Soaked in honeysuckle can also prevent the infection of the respiratory tract, so as to treat throat swelling and pain.

Honeysuckle soaked in water to cool, eyesight effect, in the summer to drink a cup of honeysuckle tea, will eliminate the heat, people heart and spleen cool, the eyes will be removed dry, clear line of sight.

But pay attention to honeysuckle because of cold, so it will cause harm to the spleen and stomach of the crowd, will make the body cold after drinking people suffering from loss of appetite, abdominal pain and other symptoms. So according to the individual body soaked in water, and each time the amount of water to adults about 400 ml is appropriate, children are not more than 180 ml, and each drink can not be a week.