Omnica: Bilberry extract to relieve eye fatigue and add new evidence

2017-4-7 15:15:54

Omunika, a leading manufacturer of functional foodstuffs, used RCT (Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials) using cranberry extract to reaffirm the effectiveness of bilberry alleviating eye fatigue. The series of studies from January 2015, continued until February 2017, has been published in four papers published. It is understood that there are other raw material manufacturers in Japan to implement the randomized controlled trial of the extract, on the visual function of the impact, has also put forward new evidence. The company said it would continue to invest in RCT in the future.

According to the media, it is understood that Omunika's cranberry extract powder "milt argos" enhances the bioavailability of the anthocyanin glycoside by the patented process in the extraction process (WO / 2009/031051). It contains the bilberry derived anthocyanins as a function of participation in the composition, has a variety of features show that food can be successfully declared.
The company published its RCT paper for the first time in January 2015. Until December 2016, a total of four papers published in the papers, were published in the "new ophthalmology", "pharmacology and treatment" and other Japanese domestic peer review of academic journals. The RCT continues to continue after the function shows the success of the food. All RCTs were spread around the raw material "miltargos" to verify that the raw material had a significant relaxation effect on the PC operation and the eye fatigue caused by the VDT operation. It is understood that the latest paper by the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine Professor, ophthalmology field famous experts Ono heavy Zhao, Shidian Jin, North City, Mr. Yi Yi, who co-published.
Why do we have a randomized controlled trial to validate the specific function of the feedstock, "said Omunika's president, TAO Jiujiu," that the publication of each paper will bring new challenges and it is important to look at and discuss this new challenge in future research " It is well known that the paper is one of the presentation of the test results, but it can not rely on it alone that the evidence has been verified.
Four studies:
The first study concluded that a day intake of 160 mg of "milt argos" can effectively relieve VDT operations related to eye fatigue problems.

In the second study, eye fatigue was induced under the same conditions, and the lower limit of the effective intake was verified. The value was confirmed to be 107 mg per day (40 mg of anthocyanin).

In the third study, the relief of eye fatigue was still explored under the same conditions. This study mainly validates three aspects, ie, until the onset of the intake period; unlike the dosage in the second report, the effectiveness and equivalence of ingestion; "milt argos" the effectiveness of ingestion, The correlation of anthocyanin concentration in.

In the latest study, the intake of raw materials and blood anthocyanin concentration was positively correlated, further confirmed that the blood of anthocyanin concentration of people with chronic eye fatigue symptoms have been alleviated.