Grape seed can effectively resist skin oxidative aging

2017-4-10 13:23:29

Grape seed is a winery waste, after drying the separation of grape skin, grape stems after the product. Grape seed is rich in all kinds of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Grape seed oil because of its health, beauty effect, so the price is very expensive.

"Grape seed", sounds like a familiar word. Many people know that grape seed is beauty to share, not only can whitening, freckle, moisturizing, the most important thing is anti-aging. Therefore, whether online or on the market of cosmetics have emerged such a word. It is a lot of things, this is well known things, but grape seed is a seed to the how to eat is the best it? This is a lot of people are puzzled a problem.

  First, the grape seed has an antioxidant effect. Grape seed contains a lot of antioxidants, mainly in the grapes of the epidermis and seeds. Especially red grape seed, is to increase the body's antioxidant activity of the key, can protect the immune system from damage, and delay the aging process.

  Grape seed is the most valuable ingredient in grapes. With grape seed can be beauty, made of mask, skin care oil by many women's favorite. Grape seed can effectively resist skin oxidative aging.

  One of the effects of grape seed is antioxidant. Grape seed extract anti-free radical oxidation is very high. Can protect the human cell tissue from free radical oxidative damage. Grape seed can also prevent UV damage to the skin.

  After the grapes are ripe, many people will eat the grapes and spit out the seeds and seeds. Although the grape skin and seeds eat up bad taste, but it is best to eat with the flesh. Because the beneficial ingredients of grapes are in the skin and seeds. Grapes and seeds contain a variety of substances, can effectively remove excess free radicals in the body. More efficient anti-cancer substances, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Eat grape seed and skin will not have side effects, causing indigestion, they are dietary fiber, as long as chewing food it does not matter.

  Grape seed directly eat it is certainly more difficult to digest, then how to let the body have a better absorption? Look at the following method to know.

  The first method: first grape seed clean and dried, and then use the mixer to break, and finally you can eat, and very simple. But this method is also a bit bad, because in the process of breaking may be left some hard shell, you must carefully pick it out.

       The second method: directly to the dried grape seed ground into powder, or in the market to buy some already grinding into the grape seed, with hot water to blame it, this method is more simple.

  The third method: grape seed oil is a good way to eat. The grape seed is refined from the highest level of cold pressing, which is beautiful and natural light yellow or light green, is one of the most popular and effective varieties of base oil. Grape seed oil is the main component of linoleic acid and procyanidins, linoleic acid content of more than 70%. Linoleic acid is essential for the human body and can not synthesize the body of fatty acids, its nutritional value and medical effects have been domestic and foreign medical profession and nutritionists fully affirmed.