Factory director
Ensure the safety, quality and normal operation of production
Production manager
Overall responsible for production planning, organization, leadership, monitoring and field operations management.
Shift Leader
Organize the implementation of the production plan of team, complete the production target.
Production operations personnel 
Production and related work.
Water making workers
Ensure the quality and safety of water supply.
Boiler Works
Fully responsible for the boiler operation, the supply of steam boilers and auxiliary equipment management work, ensure adequate safety, foot pressure steam supply production workshop.
According to the production needs of the company, responsible for the production equipment and equipment maintenance, maintenance, repair, etc..
Be responsible for the maintenance, repair and inspection of production equipment and electrical equipment.
Responsible for the company's sanitation work.
Warehouse Manager
Responsible for warehouse daily management to ensure timely supply of materials, optimize inventory structure, reduce inventory costs.
Warehouse keeper
To complete the goods in and out, storage related daily affairs, to ensure the achievement of inventory management objectives.
Storage and transportation personnel
To assist the Department members to complete the sales process, statistics department sales data.
Equipment Engineering Manager
Be responsible for the daily management of equipment engineering, arrange the maintenance of equipment and facilities, ensure the equipment and facilities of the company can be put into production.
Plant equipment maintenance personnel.
Responsible for production equipment maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, etc..
Pest control specialist
Be responsible for the prevention and control of pests in the plant and the outside environment.
Equipment calibration staff
Responsible for the measurement and testing of the instrument and equipment, to ensure that the measurement and testing of equipment in line with national laws and regulations.